Existemi, 2015 - Virtual Installations (Selection)

To imitate reality is a simulation's intent. The virtual installations of the work 'Existemi' therefor serve as the models for such to stimulate an idea where a constructed and seemingly real object or site becomes complete when we weave a sense of the genuine into it, when we immerse in an assumed veritableness. Besides the artificial presence it is not to argue that they have a relation to the real. One can ask before anything else what their affiliation is and how they evoke the notion of something to be identified as authentic. To distinguish between real and not real is not easy in a world of unlimited digital possibilities.
But you may remember the idiom "seeing is believing" meaning "only physical or concrete evidence is convincing". As long as we haven't seen it or better touched it, we shall never know..

By assembling different objects, textures and colors these images were created to set up the impression of real photos in physical spaces and an illusion of an existing thing or location.
Though it became a hyperreal work with no inherent meaning but open to adopt whatever you attach to it.