Can Akif Henne

"Perhaps i am interested in beauty, poesy and the cryptic in my work, but most of all in potentialities."

Education & Experience

Fine Art Studies at the Free School of Arts, Stuttgart
Stone-Sculpturing, Profess. Education at Restoration Instit. Stuttgart
Scenography, Training at State Theaters in Stuttgart & Berlin
Media Design Training at Media School Berlin
Independent Studies in the Arts
Curatorial Projects at different Artspaces in Berlin
Restoration Projects at Cultural & Historic Buildings
Lectureship at Private Art Schools in Berlin



Can's artistic work covers sculpture, scenography, digital art, video and painting.

© Can Henne - All rights reserved

© Can Henne - All rights reserved


Can was born in a rather uncreative bourgeois town in Southern Germany but started to draw and paint early on at the desks of his classrooms. After school he zigzagged through the art and craft world absorbing techniques and contents for his own use. But already when learning to carve out ornaments and figures out of stone the foundation was set for an understanding of how the imaginative works. Throughout his career so far he spent a great deal of time exploring and playing with different media to visualize this invisible qualitiy of life. Hence the interest in blurring the boundaries between mystery and materiality, inner and the outside world, consciousness and the tangible. Something that wasn't yet born, but as a possibility has already been waiting to display drives his quest. Still tracing to express an not yet seen image.

The digitally created Tableaux "Utopia - no land", where the Painterly becomes alive from a new perspective or "Verses" where previously unrelated Photographs transcend into not known spaces, all that can hardly be arranged into conventional categories. However, if you are looking for resemblance, his working can be described as a symbiosis of metamodern expressionism and hyperreal symbolism. His latest pursuit in exploring painting has yet to be defined. Stay tuned



Selected Exhibitions, Projects and Others


Exhibition at the Computer Art Congress [CAC.3] Atelier X, Paris
„WYSIWYG“ Two Person Show, 5th People Project, Berlin

„..Into GOLD“ Group Show, pink gallery, Berlin
„Emblem Of Modernity“ Group Show, pink gallery, Berlin

Restoration Project at the Royal Palace of Amsterdam
Launch of, Contemporary Art e-learning platform
Classes for Contemporary Art at Visions of Art online courses
Classes for Clay Modeling at Private Art School, Berlin

„Mix the Amalgamation“ Group Show, turn-berlin, Berlin
Restoration Project at the Market Gate of Miletus, Pergamon Museum, Berlin

„COLLECTION“ , Online art-project, pink gallery, Berlin
Exhibition at the Computer Art Congress [CAC.2] Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City
„Heros“ - Group Show, Rhizome/New Museum, New York

Ancestors Gallery“ Two Person, BFA Gallery, Berlin
„01/01 - Half a Documenta“ Group Show, Poliflur, Berlin
„Triumph of Painting“ Group Show, pink gallery, Berlin
„Snap to Grid“ Group Show, LACDA, Center for digital art, Los Angeles
„digi paintings“ TaylorWessing, Berlin, 2007

Berliner Kunstsalon, Art Fair, Booth Presentation pink gallery, Berlin
„GOTT IS A COMPUTER“ Two Person, pink gallery, Berlin

„microwest“ Group Show, Takt Kunstprojektraum, Berlin
Restoration Project at the baroque styled Arolsen Castle

„LUCK GUARANTEES !“ Art-Festival, pink gallery, Berlin, Organization

„Warrior“ Stage Design, theaterforum kreuzberg, Berlin

„The 81 Minutes of Miss A.“ Stage- & Costume Design, Theater Stükke, Berlin
„The ABC of Life“, Stage Design, tfk, Berlin

„The Shorewatchers' House“ Stage & Costume-Design, tfk, Berlin

„Carmina Burana“ Stage Design, City Hall Gerlingen, Stuttgart

„Hallschlager Delikatessen“ Group Show, Artwork Studios, Stuttgart