For more about material, size and prizes of the artworks go to INFO
..if you want to know about the path to acquire an artwork stay here!


How to purchase and other FAQ’s

To purchase an art piece of my work is an individual process which requires to start from scratch.
Each project you've seen here needs a different presentation, meaning: size, display, material, and so on..
Every person wants something special fitting to their individual setting.
So, choose your favorite image you've seen on this page and start the process!
By going to my CONTACT page you'll have done the first step.
Thank you, I am happy to meet you!


What's that all about?

When you’ve read through the INFOS and there are still questions don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail.
Every ? gets two !! The idea for me is to work out something with you so that you exactly get what you wish.
So the first step is to select your preferred images of the portfolio here and ask by email for availability and display options.
I will give you all information you need to know in my response. 


How is payment arranged?

First inquire about a piece to be sure it is what you want.
When you've decided to order your preferred limited edition print of my Portfolio
I'll give you details how you can transact the payment via paypal or my bankaccount.


How is the work delivered?

After your payment have been received I'll commission the print at the printing company I work with; 
meanwhile you give me delivery details and I organize the shipment/delivery.
A Limited Edition Fine Art Print on AluDibond or Framed is flat packed including the wall holder.
That means as soon as you receive the package you can hang it on the wall.
The work is sent via a courier - I will inform you when it has been posted.


Perhaps there’s something that you’re burning to ask?
You know you can CONTACT ME by email and we can discuss exactly what you need.