Utopia - no place

Why Utopia? Understand it as a transition into another paradigm.
Despite everyday parlance where Utopia is a synonym for an impossible concept in a 'no-place',
the many itself overlaying layers of the spiritual realms and the physical space - as unit – extending to a new,
more free interpretation, are visible in the series.
While they paint an abstract picture the images allure into a dream-like mood portraying feelings,
atmospheric conditions and effects of different places or situations and become alive.
Thus a conscious Universe arises connecting to the non-material awareness of the viewer.
Yet they are snapshots; extracts of a process which is more comprehensive in truth.
The magic of our live..

Technique: “I am painting out of light. The canvas is the monitor of my computer.
Since 2001 I have been making images on the threshold between photography and painting.
Some questioned whether the work may even be called photographic.
Although there are photographies included, it is no photo and there are no negatives.
Originally my approach was to create new images by reorganizing forms & colors of photos with computer enhancements;
but the work has evolved beyond that.
As a tool inside the virtual canvas I continued by adding digital paint to the photos and drawings.
It evolved to a mixed media collage In the process.
Subsequently real paint, scanned and digitally processed have become part of some of the works.
It was surprising, that the images have taken on emotional characteristics that seem satisfying for many viewers.
People tend to be drawn to it, but they are not sure why.
Perhaps it's an atmosphere that reminds us of conditions from another world than the material one we live in but in some way familiar.
Yet we had no reference system at hand. But I keep on exploring new possibilities…"